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ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning is a business management software with integrated applications for storing and managing data of the business.

ERP advantages:
..♦  Provides real time view of business process
..♦  Brings transparency in business process
..♦  Saves time and improves productivity of the employees
..♦  Provides commonality of databases
..♦  Protects critical business data with well-defined roles and security access
..♦  Assists management in decision making

SAP – Systems Applications and Products in data processing, is one of the leading and successful ERP softwares, which provides a very strong integration among the activities of business process.

Our Company runs on SAP ECC 6.0…. with the following modules

Module Description Activities covered
MM Materials Management Agreements, Purchase Orders, Work Bills, Stores and Annual O&M
PS Project System Capital Estimates and Capital Work Orders
PM Plant Maintenance O&M Estimates and O&M Work Orders
IM Investment Management Budget Nodes & Budget Control
AM Asset Management Assets maintenance and Depreciation calculations
CO Controlling Costing Sheets and WO Settlements
FI Financial Accounting Accounts – Receipts and Payables
SD Sales and Distribution Sale Contracts and Sale Orders
HR Human Resource Incumbency Details, Service Matters, Leaves, Payroll & Training
BASIS  – User Maintenance & Authorizations
ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming Programming Language †
BI Business Intelligence Reports ‡

† all programs in SAP are written in ABAP programming language. Each program is associated with a transaction code (T Code). Whenever a T Code is executed, associated program runs and display relevant screen.
‡ BI reports are not real time reports.

Pre-requisites to gain access to the SAP ERP

SAP GUI* must be installed on your PC
♦ Three ways to check whether SAP GUI was installed or not.
.        Check for “SAP Logon” icon on your desktop or
.        Go to Programs – SAP Front End – SAP Logon or
.        Press Win+R – type “saplogon” and press enter
♦ If not installed – go to “202sapguiGUI” and install yourself.

Connectivity to data center must be available for your PC
♦ If available, 202 system can be accessed.
.        To check, press Win+R type and press enter.
♦ If not available, contact your circle network administrator.

You must have an SAP user and password
♦ Users are available as follows
.       Field officers…………….ADE and above
.       Stores and SPMs……..AE and above
.       Accounts………………….JAO and above
.       Personnel………………….PO and above
♦ Password is a case sensitive alpha numeric word

……. .Should be minimum 6 chars
…….. Should contain one lowercase alphabet and one number
……….Should change once in 90 days

* SAP GUI is a software application which provides interface between your PC (Client) and SAP servers (located at Corporate Office, Hyderabad).

By Er. B S Jaya Prakash Nayak
ADE/Tech to CMD and SAP