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Most of the electrical accidents are occurred due to one common reason – Persons DIRECTLY working on LIVE LINES without discharging live electrical lines using earth discharge rods.

In day to day operations and maintenance works, if supply status in these lines are detected before touching them, most of such electrical accidents can be avoided.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Buzzer and/or LED light is best suited and some of such products are as follows…

KUNDIP Series – Hi-Tech Advanced Tester (as below)

Voltage Tester1
AC voltage detector 90 to 600V AC With LED signal light Buzzer sound IP54, IEC 1010 (below)

Voltage Tester2

From a distance of 1 ft from LIVE LT line and 2 ft to 3 ft for LIVE 11KV or 33KV line,  these testers will buzz and glows LED signal, alerting the supply status in the line.

Cost of the above products is very affordable. “KUNDIP” instrument cost less than Rs.200/- per piece and available in Hyderabad market.

The above product/s can be considered by any officer who cares for their O&M staff.

“With audible indication and or visible indication of supply in lines, many precious lives can be saved” 

By Er. S S Subba Reddy
Asst. Divisional Engineer (Elec)/M & P/Siddipet