CMD’s Message

Appropriate and swift decisions can be taken by the employees if they have thorough knowledge on all the subjects dealt within an organisation along with the skills of adopting new technologies. Many of our employees are doing significant improvements in their spheres of activity but these are not getting disseminated for scaling up. Likewise, theoretical knowledge of subjects tends to rust with the passage of time and we need to brush up our memories to stay fresh. Similarly, new technologies must be learnt and skills acquired for more efficiency.

Hence, it is felt necessary that every employee of the organisation should share his/her knowledge, views and professional experiences with other employees. To pool up all the employees’ knowledge base on a common platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and new technologies “internet” is considered as the best option.

Therefore, a common platform to disseminate knowledge and update employees (of TSSPDCL) on subjects related to electricity distribution via internet media this blog is created.

Shri SAM Rizvi, IAS


16 thoughts on “CMD’s Message”

  1. Vincent Joseph, AE/Masterplan/Hyd. said:

    The message is most welcome. An excellent move by the management which is long awaited. Thank you very much for understanding the need of the hour.


  2. S.Nagaraju,Sub-Engg/Construction/Central Circle/Hyderabad said:

    Sharing of knowledge is only way to development of any organaisation.Hearty welcome to this message sir.


  3. S.Laxmanprtahap, Jr Asst, Nalgonda circle/ERO/Ramannapet said:

    This is the time to sharing of knowledge & to improve skills in our organisation is the right path to learn through internet , thanking you sir .


  4. v.v.reddy,AE/Tech/M&P Division/Sanga reddy said:

    Thank you sir, you are giving a good opportunity to us spreading the views and communicate the innovative ideas through this blog. It may be helpful to improvise the work knowledge in our organisation and also decipher the critical issues. Once again my sincere gratefulness.


  5. D. Jithendra, Sr. Asst.,Circle Office/Ananthapuram said:

    it is a process in bringing out the professional skills of the all employees. This type of platform is very essential for every organization.


  6. Syed Shaikshavali, Circle Office, Anantapur. said:

    Sir, Thank you very much for giving the employees a common platform to share their knowledge and work experience with their fellow employees through it. Hope your kind gesture will help one and all to get aquainted with the cutting-edge technology the Company has been adopting to usher into a new era of “TechKnowledgy”.


  7. M Pentya Nayak/ CPDCL Company General Secretary/AP Power Engineers Association. said:

    The message is most welcome,thank you very much for understanding the need of the employees and giving a good opportunity to us spreading the views and communicate the innovative ideas through this blog.It may be most helpful to improve the work knowledge and professional skills of the all employees in our organisation.

    In our organisation Sub Engineers are main key role in the cadre of Engineering Services, 70-80% Sub Engineers are completed Regular B.E/B.Tech and M.E/M.Tech/MBA in eminent universities like IIT,NIT,JNTU,OU,AU and SVS before entering in the organisation with less pay scale but having equivalent qualification and work knowledge of Assistant Engineer. nearly 10 years with dedication and sincere devotion, workaholic having experience in all kinds of works without pay scale and promotional avenue.

    This type of platform is very essential in the organization, solve some critical issues. Once again my sincere gratefulness.


  8. Ch.Srinivasu, ADE/opn/Siddipet Town/Medak circle said:

    this is a good thought, all we have to welcome this platform. this is a good way to share our experiences faced in our duty relating to the technology implementation, as we already lernt from the books. Sharing things of experiences in service and for service or freshing up with latest technology is essential in the challenging job for self satisfaction and service. In these days, everybody interested in internet instead of reading hard copies. We are thankful to you for this good thought and implementation of thought, as it is necessary and essential to apcpdcl employees,I think sir.


  9. Sir Thank u very much to have this kind of plot form for sharing the ideas. Sharing information and ideas with others key success of any organization. This will be very useful to us updates overselves to meet the challenges in the future


  10. Mohan Reddy P, Divisional Engineer, Construction, RR South circle said:

    It is a good thought to share the experiences with others and to adopt best practices adopted by individual can be disseminated to other employees to practice. All employees should use this blog for sharing of knowledge among employees.


  11. Vincennt Kumar, Sr. Asst./Operation/Guntakal. said:

    Thanks for giving an opportunity to share the knowledge where the ground level staff can communicate directly with the Top Level Management with this blog.


  12. SUV VINAYAK KUMAR , Sub-Engineer/City-II/Central Circle said:

    Sir, it is very good step and it is necessary to every employee to share the knowledge during these days.


  13. P. LAXMINARAYANA, Jr.Asst./ERO/HUZURNAGAR, Nalgonda Circle said:

    Respected Sir,

    This is the right way to sharing of knowledge and to improve communication skills in our
    organisation (APCPDCL) through an internet is best way of solution , Thanking you sir .


  14. vinod kumar ade/ wanaparthy said:

    yes very good idea, every employee should continously use this blog to share and update knowledge


  15. C.MADHAVA REDDY,DE said:

    In EBS circle as unit


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