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Er. B S Jaya Prakash Nayak
Er. P V Ali Khan

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Er. B S Jaya Prakash Nayak


5 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Vincent Joseph, AE/Masterplan/Hyd. said:

    This platform is awesome, a long awaited move by the management. I sincerely appreciate and congratulate the entire team who contributed for developing & maintaining this blog.


  2. T Sreedhar, ADE/Tech, Energy Department, AP Secretariat said:

    Congratulations for all those involved in bringing out the blog, especially to Sri Jaya Prakash Nayak and Sri Ali Khan. CPDCL was pioneer utility in implementing many of the IT initiatives in the country which are currently in use. The performance on both technical & financial aspects were also best in the country upto 2008. It is learnt that CPDCL is once again trying to bring in new and latest IT initiatives under the leadership of Sri S.A.M Rizivi, IAS – CMD/CPDCL for best customer service and good governance in the organization. Hope CPDCL will also comeback to be the best in the country in technical losses and in financial aspects.


  3. ANAND SE/P&MM said:

    ANAND.P SE/P&MM….I appreciate the committment and dedication in designing and get in to reality .Hope in coming days our employees will benifit from this.


  4. K.Durga srinivas,ADE/M&P/Jadcherla said:

    the idea of blog is excellent,proving that our engineers are also looking toward R&D. which is good platform for exchange of knowledge among our engineers.


  5. Sir…i madhuri…can u give me the explanation regarding the billing in status (02) i.e in what way the machine picks up the Average units….


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